Cyber Security

Daily Curriculum Overview

Day One – Introduction to Computer Science as a field of study and career, specifically the area of cyber security. This includes hands-on activities. The first one is a women role model matching activity that is to be utilized as an icebreaker. Middle school girls can relate to other women role models and these will be introduced during Day 1 and Day 2 in different ways. To understand computational thinking, specifically algorithms, the students will participate in a self-led programming and algorithm activity that was developed by To close out this day, we are introducing an activity that was used from so the students will understand how computers communicate in binary code. There are great informational video links to go along with this activity and lesson.

Day Two: The objective today is for the students to understand how information is transferred between computers and how the internet works. To introduce this concept, we will utilize another activity from http://www.CSunplugged. Com that simulates different networks. The students will also be introduced to cryptography, ciphers and encryption as it relates to the internet and passwords. The day’s activities culminate with a computer game challenge for the students from that combines coding, password protection, social engineering, and network security. Lastly, there will be an opportunity for the students to talk to a female cyber security professional via Skype.

Day Three and Four: The students will be immersed in a scenario as cyber security professionals. The students, who are employees of Women Wearing White Hats, Inc., have been hired by Amani Children’s Home and School in Africa to act as cyber security professional consultants. Their assignment is to diagnose and remediate their client’s website and computer cyber issues. They will generate a report to their customer which will include recommendations on how-to be cyber safe. The students will assume the roles of Cyber security auditor, penetration tester and forensics experts to remediate this customer’s cyber infections and make recommendations on additional protection and policies that are needed.