Day 4

Day Four

At end of class: Cyber security Post-Class Survey:

Learning goal: Campers will learn the role of cyber forensics while reporting and presenting their findings.


~Overview of Amani scenario.  Today, campers will complete audit reports, create a presentation to show their findings, and present to the class.

Finish Keylogger, zenmap, and inspection of Amani html code.

Partner groups finalize, present, and report their findings to class.  These questions will guide your report:

  • What did the cyber security audit find on their computers and Amani website?
  • What tools did you use or recommend using to clean up the malicious threats?
  • What recommendations would you make to protect Amani’s information in the future?
  • What did you learn about Cyber Security threats?
  • What will you continue to do and improve in to cyber protect yourself, your family, and friends?

Use the slides below:

~Show Slide 11 from Day 3 presentation.

~Need two or three volunteers: Present at final session, with parents, on Saturday.  Please include:

a) activities from Cyber Security

b) what you learned in class and

c) why it is important


Cyber security resource handout

● America’s Crypto Kids (K-12)

National Security Agency (NSA)

● CIA Kids’ Page (K-12)

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

● CryptoClub –Caesar cipher wheel:

U.S. Department of States

● Hour of code activities

● Khan academy

● NovaLabs Cyber Security activity

Department of Homeland Security CanTEEN was developed to help girls explore STEM careers. Take

a challenge (such as creating your own urban garden), play games like “Click! Spy

School” or learn more about real-life role models.

http://Engineer : Why should you become an engineer? Let this website for

middle school girls explain. Along with interviews, quizzes, fun facts and profiles, it has

links to scores of engineering contests, clubs, programs and scholarships.

http://Engineer Your : Dream big and love what you do. This guide to engineering

for high school girls is packed with profiles of inspiring women, great tips for college

prep and helpful job tools. Be what you want to be. Sponsored by L’Oréal,

this site offers all kinds of STEM options, including a video blog, profiles of women in

science, a list of summer camps and info about careers. Girls Communicating Career Connections (GC3): Curious about a

career in science or technology? This youth-produced media series for girls from

undeserved groups has lots and lots of ideas to explore. to-participate/series/imagine- stem.html Girl

Scouts STEM Program: Push your limits as you make the world a better place. To

support STEM experiences, the Girl Scouts have developed three leadership journeys

and a number of STEM proficiency badges. Girls Who Code programs work to inspire, educate,

and equip girls with the computing skills to pursue 21st century opportunities. Offers

training for volunteers to run computing clubs for girls. Local club – Sand Creek High Inspired by “Women’s Adventures in Science” and

developed by the National Academy of Sciences, this website invites you to investigate

the careers of famous women scientists. SciGirls videos are great resources for

the classroom. Each episode follows a different group of middle school girls who are

designing and building STEM projects.

● Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Aspire: Aspire to be great. You’ll find a huge variety

of engineering resources on this site, including links to activities, competitions, camps

and scholarships.

http://Women@NASA: Meet the women you want to be. This NASA site includes video

interviews and biographies of NASA employees, as well as info on careers, events and

outreach programs. has a sister site called Women@Energy. : Learn the most popular programming languages like Java

and iOS, explore Minecraft modding and 2D and 3D game design, and dive into graphic

design in Photoshop.

http://www.Science : Get stuck on science. This website has over 1,000 ideas

for science fair projects, project guides, project kits and detailed profiles of STEM

http://www.Science : Question everything. Along with a rundown on the

Science Channel’s TV programs, this website has plenty of videos, quizzes, games and

the latest science news. : In addition to articles and job information, STEM-Works has

stocked their site with interesting activities. Test your skills in the reptile quiz. Rescue an

athlete in the Bionic Games. Or, simply follow the path of great whites with the Global

Shark Tracker.

Young Women and Computing:

Career Connection