Day 1

Day One Activities and Videos.

Learning goal:  Campers will be introduced to Computer Science, Cyber Security, Programming and Binary.

Complete Cyber security Pre-Class Survey:

  1. Introduction to Computer Science – Day 1

(First 3 slides)

2. Change the World Video

3. (Slide 4) Appendix A – Role Model Matching Activity- Draft ver2 20160409kjf

4. (Slides 5, 6, 7) Pair Programming

5. (Slide 8) Star Wars:  Hour of Code introduction: watch video and work on activities

6. (Slides 9, 10, 11) Robot with incomplete instructions

7. Algorithm for how to win friends

8. Algorithm:  counting people

9. (Slides 12, 13, 14) Teacher video:  Sorting Activity

(Work through Sorting Activity grid)

10.  (Slide 15) Link and first video; work through binary number activity with group and then class.

11.  Computer Science careers: Review slides 16-end.

12. Word Wall… add words

13.  If time, Binary numbers practice sheets

Three Takeaways for students from Day 1 of Camp:

■ Computer Science is a broad field and there are many career paths.

■ Women have been instrumental in the Computer Science field before it was even a field of study in college.

■ Programming a computer is not difficult, it is a simple task of defining the algorithm, choosing the appropriate programming language and then letting the computer run the code in binary to complete the task.