Scratch Workshop

Scratch Workshop Agenda overview:

  • Introduction to Scratch and explanation of learning goals and activities
    • To begin coding and creating using Scratch, click here.
    • Hour of Code Scratch: click here
  • Initial warm up project: “What can you do with 8 blocks?” and demo
  • More indepth explanation and questions
  • Individual projects
  • Last 10 minutes:  Gallery time!  Show what you know!

Wrap up:  What went well?  What would you like to explore next?

Junior Achievement Game


Intro Project – 8 blocks


Main Projects – General

o   Getting Started with Scratch

o   Animate Your Name: click here

o   Save the Turtle!

Main Projects – more advanced

Dragons and Butterflies (modified)

o   make one sprite (butterfly that moves about)

o   Insert into project that has the base for the rest

o   Second lab in

o   Scratch files:

o   Whenever you press the B key, the sprite gets a little bigger. Whenever you press the S key, the sprite gets a little smaller.

o   Whenever the sprite hears a loud sound, it changes color.

o   Whenever the sprite is in the top 25% of the screen, it says “I like it up here.”

o   When the sprite touches something blue, it plays a high note. When the sprite touches  something red, it plays a low note.

o   Whenever two sprites collide, one of them says: “Excuse me.”

o   Whenever the cat sprite gets near the dog sprite, the dog turns and runs from the cat.

o   Whenever you click on the background, a flower appears at that spot.

o   Whenever you click on a sprite, all other sprites do a dance.

o   Whenever the score reaches 10, the scene (background) changes.

o   Whenever you move the mouse – pointer, the sprite follows but doesn’t touch the mouse – pointer.

o   Debug it projects